Listing a home is an incredible way to support your clients.  At the Zimmerman Property Group, we strive to provide our sellers with their perfect real estate transaction. That’s why we’ve worked hard to build a system that is able to fully support this vision. We are always building on the system and finding new ways to make it more efficient and more flexible at the same time. In this post, we’re going to walk you through our pre-appointment process to receiving a signed listing agreement

ZPG’s Pre-Listing Appointment Process

You’ve booked a listing appointment, how exciting! At ZPG, we’re thankful for the opportunity to support sellers. Once we’ve booked the appointment, our Client Care Coordinator immediately reaches out to the seller for what’s known as the ‘pink sheet’ call.

During this call, the CCC learns all about the home and the client. On this call we’re able to find out whats most important to them and why they’re selling their home. Next, the CCC sends over detailed information the agent so that they can then prepare for the appointment accordingly. This preparation includes reviewing the comparable home sales, reviewing the current market of the neighborhood  and getting an understanding of the seller’s concerns.

Now it’s time to preparing the listing appointment packet. This includes a ZPG folder with the comps, area metrics, an appointment form and the listing agreement. We also bring a ZPG swag bag to share with the sellers. This includes a tech accessory bag, a pop socket, a microfiber cloth and a pen.

ZPG’s Post Appointment Process

At the appointment, the listing agent makes sure to fill out the appointment form. This form includes important information such as desired activation date, marketing price, notes on the home, and any pre-activation work needed. Our CCC then uses this information to establish the timeline of activation and starts coordinating the necessary steps.

Next up on ZPG’s blog, our home prepation steps!




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