When we first meet with sellers, one of their main concerns is if the house needs staging. Sellers want their homes to show well to prospective buyers. They just don’t have the time or expertise to do so.  Often, they’ll want us to walk through the home and give our recommendations. While we are happy to give our opinions, we’ve found it’s better to have an expert walk through the home.  After all, you want your home to shine as bright as Dolly Parton at the Grammy’s. You can bet that Dolly Parton used a lot of professionals, so why wouldn’t you?  The cost of bringing in professional stagers is a huge concern. A lot of times, when sellers think of staging, they believe it will be a complete overhaul of the home.  In reality, you have a few options when it comes to staging.

Use  Your Own Furniture

You can stage your home using your own furniture. We work with staging companies that will come and complete a consultation with you. The cost of this can range from $200-$500 depending on the size of the home.  During this consultation they will advise you of items that you can eliminate, where to move items to accent the home, and give you ideas of small additions you can make that will leave a lasting impression with buyers. They’ll also be able to give their professional opinion on paint colors, accent lighting, and other items that will make your home pop to buyers.

Use Virtual Staging

If the home is vacant, you can utilize virtual staging. This is when the furniture and decor is digitially added to the photos of the home after they are taken. Using virtual staging allows for buyers to visualize how each room in the home can be used. This is a great low-cost option as it allows those ‘window-shopping’ online to see themselves in the home. It doesn’t have the same impact that a physically staged home does, but is a good tool to use.

Use Professional Stagers

The third option is to have the most important rooms in the home physically staged. The main rooms that we suggest having staged are the living room, kitchen, dining room, and master bedroom. The cost of having these rooms completely staged can range from $1000-$5000 depending on the size of the home and how long the furniture is used.  This involves  the stagers bringing in their own inventory and setting it up int he home. Often times, they’ll suggest a room be painted a specific color to coordinate with the staging.  We believe this cost if off set as staged homes seller faster and for higher prices than those left unstaged.

Use the Internet

The final option and the most inexpensive is to ‘stage’ the home yourself.If you have the time to work on preparing the home, you can utilize this option to save some money. There are a lot of helpful articles online including this one by HGTV.  You’ll want to take care to pack away in extraneous items in the home. No matter the option you choose, we’re happy to do a final walk through of the home before photos or going on the market to provide our last minute tips and tricks.








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