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Telling tall tales and system implementation


Ally Gregory is the Chief Storyteller & Director of Operations for the Zimmerman Property Group. Her focus is ensuring that all of our clients are receiving white-glove service. She does this by building, implementing and managing all systems for sellers, buyers, information management and back-office support.


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66 Reviews

  1. Amber Fortenberry

    Ally is an amazing person and an amazingly hard worker!

  2. Keah Gonzalez

    Ally provides unparalleled service to her clients and goes above and beyond to create a lasting rapport!

  3. Candice Sing

    Ally is an amazing asset to this group. She cares deeply about every client, making sure they have exactly what they need and provides timely and helpful updates along the way. Ally is a rock star and any client will be in great hands with her.

  4. Kate Gilligan

    Ally is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful – a great asset!

  5. Hannah H

    Ally is the silent but deadly silver bullet on the Zimmerman Property Group. No one thinks more critically, has more answers, or works harder. Thank you Ally!

  6. Heather Click

    Ally has the capability to do literally anything you need done. She is an amazing, competent, lovely person!

  7. Joe Zimmerman

    I am honored to be in business with such a special person! Ally has a infectious personality that everyone she encounters knows she is a person of integrity! The Zimmerman Property Group is lucky to have such a amazing person assisting in our mission. Thanks, Ally!

  8. Molly Mudd

    Ally is the type of gal everyone wants on their team. She is kind, unwavering, driven, and focused. Her dedication to the Zimmerman Property Group is unparalleled and constantly illustrated through the superior service she provides to both clients and teammates alike.

  9. Veronica Cavazos

    Ally is awesome! Not only is she an amazing team member to her team, she is ALWAYS willing to lend a helping hand to the teams and agents in our office. She is super focused on service and give it in truck loads. She is someone you want to have on your team and in your life.

  10. Sarah Digby

    I’ve known Ally my entire time in Chicago. She is an incredibly talented administrator who seriously “makes things happen.” If Ally tells you she’s going to do something, she does it. She’s always on time, honest, and ready to help. The ZPG’s mission is to ‘live greater’ which is exactly what Ally does. She works, not for herself, but rather to inspire others to live their best life. She is giving and truly has a heart for serving others.

    Seeing Ally in action is amazing. She is an expert in real estate and in treating others with kindness and respect. She goes above and beyond to communicate to her constituents. She is a true team player, collaborator, and professional. I’m lucky to know her professionally and as a friend.

  11. Arianna Dorn

    Couldn’t say enough great things about Ally… She’s the one that GETS IT DONE all while supporting everyone around her. She has laser focus and an incredible work ethic, not to mention the great one liners she delivers at the perfect moments to give a team a laugh. An inspiration to all those around her!!!

  12. Lindsey Cleveland

    Ally came to us very highly recommended and was fantastic to work with. We absolutely cannot wait to work with her again!

  13. Mike Hillary

    When you work with Ally, you know that everything will be done right and be done quickly. A true professional in our industry. She’s the secret sauce that makes ZPG a special place.

  14. Garrett M

    Ally is the consummate professional. She is knowledgeable, honest, dependable, and extremely easy to work with. She is an excellent communicator and provides top notch customer service. She was so helpful throughout the entire process, start to finish. I can’t imagine working with anyone better. Thank you, Ally!

  15. Sabrina Greene

    Ally’s attention to detail is unmatched. Her dedication to customer service excellence and work ethic stands out!

  16. Joe Mixon

    Ally is an awesome individual to work with. She made me feel comfortable quickly and as though I could rely on her through the entire experience.

  17. Billy Roberts

    Ally is amazing. She’s charming, witty, and engaging. She can handle anything one throws at her. You can depend on her to see projects through the end – and then some!

  18. Kelly Wulf

    Ally is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and compassionate! She is wonderful to work with and explained everything I needed to know very clearly. She is always quick to respond, and available to answer all of my questions and concerns.

  19. Adrienne Gildea

    Ally is one of the most creative, thoughtful people I know. She takes genuine pride in solving problems and helping people and that makes her outstanding at whatever task she undertakes. She is smart and hardworking and yet tremendously easy going and fun. She is an asset to any team or project!

  20. David Williams

    Ally is an incredible person. She is extremely talented, creative, and driven. I really admire her gregariousness and the fact that she is a very positive person. A huge asset to the Zimmerman Property Group.

  21. Kelly Boenzi

    Ally is a ray of sunshine. She is a go-getter. She is always smiling, always listening, taking notes and ready to take action! She is organized, creative and just a pleasure to be around. She genuinely cares for her peers and is always willing to lend a hand to get the job done.

  22. Lynne Chester

    Ally is amazing. She goes above and beyond in her job duties and is incredibly welcoming. She is super detailed and professional. You will not find a better agent!!

  23. Matt Zacs

    Ally is super! She goes the extra mile to ensure your needs are met. I could not have done this without her help and expert guidance. Super agent! 5 stars all the way!!

  24. Jeff Lauric

    Ally is a Super Seller! I owned a property I’ve been holding onto for quite some time always wanted to get rid of it and never could get anyone serious to buy it. Ally within 1 1/2 weeks of listing already had me a buyer and other interested parties. From Email’s to phone calls or txt, Ally was on top of everything for this sale that I needed to happen, excellent communication. I can’t thank you enough Ally, you are a awesome agent and your dedication to your job and sales is stellar! Thank You!

  25. Jade Bartlett

    I have worked with members of this team for over two years and have always been impressed with their care and attention to their business and their clients.
    I have worked professionally, as well as personally, with Ally for over a year and she never ceases to amaze! She is so fast, but never lets that compromise her attention to detail. She is trustworthy, hardworking, and dedicated to whatever she puts her mind to!
    And it doesn’t hurt that she’s just generally a great person with amazing stories of travel and adventure!

  26. Sandy H

    Ally has proven her dependability time and time again. She is super fun to work with and always delivers on time while going just a little bit further. I would not hestitate to recommend her to anyone interested in quality, compassion, and good times!

  27. Shana Wiseman

    Ally is an incredibly genuine, thoughtful person who also happens to be a great listener. She has an amazing ability to put anyone at ease and remember even the tiniest personal details from past conversations. It is these talents that really make Ally stand out as an agent compared to others in the field.

  28. Lucas Laszacs

    Ally provided a great service. Her honesty was refreshing and she really cares about the customer.

  29. Amanda Laszacs

    Ally was amazing! I really enjoyed working with her and she made Chicago feel like home all over again. I highly recommended Ally and the team she works with at Zimmerman property group.

  30. Dallas Smith

    Do you want tough or do you want smart? Well, guess what? Ally Gregory has got you covered on both counts. Tough: she ran the 314-mile Vol State Road Race, a non-stop footrace from Missouri to Georgia. In July. Not many people are that tough. Smart: she won a Kurt Vonnegut prize for a piece of writing and went to NYC to read excerpts and receive her prize. That makes me jealous. But never mind, it surely shows how smart and creative she is. So, what I’m saying is this, if you want smart and tough, she’s got you covered.

  31. Alex Staff

    There’s only one Ally Gregory! She is an exceptional colleague and an amazing person. Her calm demeanor and intuitive thoughtfulness really set her apart. Her calm demeanor and notable problem-solving skills will put you at ease throughout your experience. While you can expect a professional level of service, she’ll be sure to make you laugh too!

  32. Nancy Simonson

    Ally is exceptional! She is always on top of her game – organized and thorough with every transaction! A pleasure to work with such a competent professional!

  33. Karen Jackson

    Ally is incredible at her job. She’s hard working, very receptive to her clients’ requests & genuinely interested in understanding what makes her clients unique & how to help them best. Plus, Ally is just an all around excellent human being.

  34. Terri Durbin

    She’s the best! She works hard, she’s intelligent, articulate, and awesome!

  35. Dave N

    Eagle Eye Ally! She pays close attention to the details and is always quick to act on any follow-up, action items, or questions.

  36. Bethany Conway

    Ally Gregory is possibly the best real estate operations director ever. Is she a legend- Yes. Can she tell what a client needs before they ask-Yes. Does that make her psychic…Perhaps. She is an asset to her team & may be the closest thing to a living, breathing angel on earth that I know of.

  37. Nathan Fortenberry

    Having worked closely with Ally for years, I can tell you first hand her skills, determination, and work ethic are unparalleled. She consistently chose the role of leader instead of boss, using her wit and charm to inspire those around her to accomplish any task.

  38. Steven Kehoe

    Ally is an incredible resource. She is extremely knowledgeable and a valuable asset to the entire office. Not only does she know her stuff, but she is a generous and caring person. Whether you are a client or a coworker, she makes you feel important and gives you her undivided attention. She’s the best!

  39. John Schumacher

    Ally is super talented, super creative and super conscientious! Day in and day out, she’s at her post cranking out amazing work and keeping all the plates spinning in perfect harmony. A DELIGHT of a human!

  40. Paul Popp

    Ally is steadfast and systematized in her approach to nailing it for her clients and her colleagues. She goes out of her way to add value at every step and is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I hold her in the utmost esteem.

  41. Jennifer Mason

    Ally is resourceful, knowledgeable, and will always go the extra mile to help out. Her dedication and focus is inspiring. She is an asset to her team and the office. I feel lucky to know her.

  42. Stephanie Westergaard

    I’ve had the pleasure to witness Ally Gregory at work day in and day out. She’s the central heartbeat to the Zimmerman Property Group– ensuring that the team can function efficiently and effectively. Her vision is to provide a seamless process for all of the ZPG clients and employees. She’s approachable, confident, decisive, and calm (even in high pressure situations). You want Ally as a partner when you’re buying or selling real estate!

  43. Carol Gassaway

    Ally’s attention to detail goes unmatched! She is a trusted, exceptional individual with a strong work ethic, someone who puts customers first. She is genuine in personality, kindness, and dedication!

  44. Angie Fucigna

    Ally is an epic asset to the ZPG team. She has an awesome work ethic and a can-do attitude, which translates into the awesome service and support that she provides her team and ZPG’s clients.

  45. Enid Daniel

    Ally is a life saver. I’m new to the industry and in another state and she got me connected with an amazing resource. Her willingness to share information and support me as I work to grow our business has been a huge gift.

  46. Angela Clapp

    Ally is amazing! Hard working and kind!

  47. Christian Coon

    It’s unfortunately a rare quality these days to work with someone who really *listens* to your needs and then responds with a wonderful admixture of care and attention to detail. Ally not only does those things wonderfully well, she also doesn’t judge me for using the word “admixture.” It’s a privilege to work with her.

  48. Kim Ryan

    Ally has been such a pleasure to work with! Her “get it done” attitude is extraordinary. Ally’s attention to detail along with lighting fast response time are just two of the things that make her amazing at what she does and an asset to ANYONE she works with.

  49. Malee Hogan

    Not only does Ally get the job done but she does so with a terrific sense of humor and sincere professionalism. Her ability to organize, prioritize, listen, and communicate with excellence is unparalleled in the real estate and beyond.

  50. James Gildea

    Ally is committed to her work, but also brings fantastic energy and humor to all of her interactions.

  51. Tommy Clapp

    Ally is an honest and talented administrator who also happens to be a really cool person. Whether in friendship or real estate, she is the one you want by your side.

  52. Jack Glandon

    Ally is so friendly, positive, and great to be around. She’s an attentive listener, and very supportive. She is highly adaptable and exceeds at just about anything she applies herself to. I feel so fortunate to have Ally in my life!

  53. Nicki Demiglio

    Ally has been such a wonderful resource for me. She is always available to answer any question big or small and never makes you feel like she’s too busy for you.

  54. Elizabeth Palmer

    I worked with Ally for a year and can tell you that she is a hard worker. She’s quick to learn any new system and then is able to pull apart the pieces and tell you how it can improve. Somehow, she is able to maintain an infectious sense of humor no matter what is going on around her. She’s a joy to work with.

  55. Brett Wilson

    Ally is an incredibly supportive person. She goes above and beyond what is asked of her in all situations.

  56. Tom Riddle

    Ally is a great asset, and anyone would be lucky to have her on their team.

  57. Kellie Webber

    You won’t find a person more willing to help then Ally. She’ll make selling your house as easy as can be. She’s always willing to take your call and never makes you feel like your questions are dumb.

  58. Jason Green

    Ally is a super cool chick. She knows how to get stuff done and is an excellent problem solver. She’s tough and doesn’t get frazzled.

  59. Jose Rodriguez

    Strong. Brave. Courageous. Kind. These are all words that I’d use to describe Ally. She’s a wonderful human and an asset to any team.

  60. Les Lekatz

    I’ve been able to rely on Ally so much over the years. She goes the extra mile to help out those around her. A true team player.

  61. Richard Brooks

    I wish that Ally was still working for me. She is an invaluable resource to any team. If you’ve got Ally on your team, you’re guaranteed that things will get done and get done right.

  62. Kay Brooks

    I had an incredible time watching Ally grow our organization. She learns so quickly and seamlessly fits in with whatever environment she is placed in. Her charming personality makes others feel immediately comfortable around her. You’ll get the highest level of service from her every time.

  63. Richard McKnight

    I spent time with Ally during a 314 mile foot race. In spite of the misery of our situation, she was making jokes and having a great time that you couldn’t help but have fun around her. She helped me see the humor in the situation. If she could do that in such a physically awful situation, I’m sure she can do that when you’re buying or selling a home.

  64. Aaron Greenberg

    Ally is a true asset and an integral part of the ZPG team. Her consistent communication and expertise leads to perfectly handled client experiences.

  65. Jackie Delva

    Ally, Ally, ALLY! Love her! She’s amazing to work with. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her not smiling or have a positive attitude. She’s a great asset to the Zimmerman Property Group and I’m grateful to work under the same roof as her. You ROCK, Ally!

  66. Jennifer Stavrianos

    We are currently working with Ally selling our townhome in Bucktown. She has amazing communications skills and is quite pleasant to work with! Another great asset to the ZPG Team!

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