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Dan Leone is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame. After college, he embarked on a long career trading financial futures at the Chicago Board of Trade, then the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Dan was responsible for running every aspect of his business on a day to day basis, developing a high level of creativity, integrity, and a long track record of success.

Now Dan Leone is applying those acquired skills towards his role as an agent with the Zimmerman Property Group.  Dan has lived in the city and suburbs of Chicago his entire life. He has an extensive knowledge of Chicago and the surrounding areas. He’s available to assist his clients in finding the neighborhood that’s perfect for them.



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2 Reviews

  1. Nicholas Ettema

    Working with Dan was an exceptional experience! He was very personable and professional, and we look forward to working with him for our next real estate venture!

    We were new to living in the city, though I grew up near Chicago, and we were not quite sure about exactly where we wanted to end up. Our friends who had just moved away from Chicago put us in touch with the ZPG and Dan because they had a great experience the folks at the ZPG. Dan was incredibly helpful, he found some great properties for us, and it was simply a pleasure to spend time with him. Moving can be a real pain, but Dan truly helped us have a great experience. Dan was very knowledgeable about Chicago and the various neighborhoods we were focusing in (Logan Square/Bucktown/Wicker Park) and he helped us find our perfect home in a new city.

  2. Lacy Hamilton

    Dan is excellent! I was moving to Chicago from DC and did not know the area well. Dan was so helpful and able to find neighborhoods and properties that worked well for me. Not only did he show me great properties, he took the time to tour around each neighborhood to look at local parks, restaurants and grocery stores etc. to be sure I loved the area. Dan went above and beyond to make sure I found my perfect home in Chicago. Thanks, Dan!

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