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Mistakes in the home selling process can and will derail your sale. Here are 6 of them you should always avoid.

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Today I’ll cover 6 errors you should be careful to avoid:

1. Not picking the right agent. One of the best decisions you can make is to work alongside an agent who is professional, responsive to all your questions, and completely honest and upfront. A good agent won’t just tell you what you want to hear.

2. Overpricing your home. Despite how important marketing is to the success of your sale, a home that’s poorly marketed, yet priced right, will sell in time. But buyers will check your home’s price against comparable properties for sale, and if it’s overpriced, it’s probably not going to sell anytime soon. You want to be the seller who gets their home sold—not the one who helps other sellers land a buyer.

3. Failing to make simple repairs. Live by a simple rule: If a buyer can see it on their walk-through, it needs to be taken care of. Repair items that cost an arm and a leg are one thing, but low-cost items should be remedied right away.

You want to be the seller who gets their home sold—not the one who helps other sellers land a buyer.

4. Neglecting to declutter. When buyers are out house-hunting, they’re making an effort to envision themselves in a future home. If your home is in disarray or clutter-filled, it’ll be difficult for a buyer to see past that. Be sure to declutter all areas of the home—the closets, countertops, bathrooms to name a few.

5. Not allowing adequate access to your home. When it comes to inflexibility with showings, we’ve found that eight out of 10 prospective buyers will not come back nor will their agent call to reschedule. Being adaptable to buyers’ schedules is a much better bet for a successful sale.

6. Getting super emotional about the sale. Understandably, you’ve established a history and life within the home, and emotions are at play. Now that it’s on the market, though, it’s important to view the home as a product, rather than a home. If a buyer comes in with a lowball offer or wants to do a total remodel of your favorite room, don’t take it personally. See it as a sign that they’re interested.

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