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We are making a different by offsetting our carbon footprint.

Our entire team consists of environmentally conscious real estate practitioners. In this blog, we talk about what we did to put our thoughts into action!

We are an eco friendly real estate group in Chicago!

We at Zimmerman Group are dedicated to making Chicagoland better every single day. Whether it’s donating part of our proceeds from every single real estate deal to charity,  volunteering our manpower during office-wide volunteer days, or by simply helping Chicagoland citizens reach all of their real estate dreams. Whenever we determine a way that we can help our home town, we pursue it. In that spirit, we recently decided to go beyond helping our community. We want to start helping our world by practicing eco friendly real estate!

That’s why we are extremely proud to announce that we have teamed up with Terrapass to help our team become completely carbon neutral.

As environmentally conscious real estate agents it feels good to say we are an eco friendly real estate group in Chicago!

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Terrapass – carbon offsets to promote a healthier earth.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of carbon neutrality, allow us to explain.

  • Carbon neutrality does not necessarily mean eliminating all activities that directly or indirectly release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (such as driving or using electricity).
  • Most businesses realize that (at least in our present day) that is an extremely difficult feat to accomplish. What many environmentally-conscious businesses do instead is purchase carbon offsets. Carbon offsets refer to specific amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere measured (typically in metric tons), assigned a monetary value, and then removed from the atmosphere through various carbon capture projects.
  • As far as individual businesses are concerned, the process of going carbon neutral means taking inventory of the day-to-day activities that result in carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere, and then purchasing enough of these carbon offsets to negate the amount of carbon emitted.

Terrapass is a leader in the carbon offset industry. Based out of San Francisco, CA, Terrapass funds projects all across the United States that all share the goal of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Some of these projects include wind farms, methane capture, and water reclamation. They go through extensive internal and external testing to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of their offsets. 

We believe in being a purely positive force in our clients’ lives, in our Chicagoland community, and in our world. As an environmentally conscious real estate group we will strive to do more to protect the earth.

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