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Patio season is finally here in Chicago. You’ve dreamed all winter of creating that perfect outdoor oasis for you, your family and friends to enjoy. Now is the time to bring that dream to life. Before you do, you’ll want to consider the following items when it comes to cost and logistics.

Patio Season Considerations

The very first consideration when scoping out your outdoor oasis is to consider the space that you have. Do you have a small yard to install your patio? Are you in a penthouse and are finally taking over those roofs rights? Or do you already have a deck and it needs a major facelift? The answer to these questions will determine the layout, building materials, and aesthetics.

Now that you know the size and space you have to work with, you’ll be able to the layout of your patio/deck. You’ll want to factor in space for a sitting area, entertaining area, and vegetation. All 3 are essential for your future cookouts and pizza parties.

The first material choice that you’ll need to make is what to build your deck with. Prices on deck materials can vary wildly. You’ll be able to determine the building material by looking at your finances and the time you can commit to maintenance. Some of the less expensive building materials require yearly maintenance and sometimes even a complete rebuild after a few years. If you invest more up front, you’re saving time and money over the lifetime of your patio.

Next, you’ll want to figure out how to stage your patio. You can go for steel construction or a lovely pergola. Both come in a variety of design styles to suit your needs. Once you’ve got the shade figured out, you’ll want to think about what kind of plants you want to surround yourself with and how you’ll be watering them. You could go with an easy to maintain perennial or even a small tree that needs a built in irrigation system.

Still not sure where to start? At Zimmerman Property Group, we’re not just here to support you in your perfect real estate transaction but also your perfect homeowner experience. We regularly work with a wide variety of vendors and can set you up with one who we’ve already vetted.  Just remember to invite us to your first patio party!




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