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We’ve had many people reach out to us during this “shelter in place” with a lot of great questions pertaining to the Real Estate market and what’s going on in real estate during the pandemic. They’re wondering how Zimmerman Group is continuing to go about our business & bringing success to our buyers and sellers.

In the past 2-3 weeks, the Zimmerman Group has put more than 7 homes under contract! We have built a team that allows us to adapt our business quickly and right now we are living in a virtual world:

  • We are having 3D virtual tours taken of all of our current listings and sending these out to consumers 
  • We have adapted quickly to continue conducting open houses, showings and appointments all virtually.
  • Inspectors, Attorneys, Stagers, Photographers & Title Companies have also adapted and are conducting no contact versions of their services 

Collectively, we are all working together to ensure we are maintaining a top level of service in line with our new “social distancing” standards during this pandemic. The most important thing is that everyone is safe and that we minimize the spread.

We’re here for you. Stay safe.

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