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Pick Your home paint colors in 5 minutes

You’re ready to paint your home. The only hiccup is choosing from the 9 million color variations at your local hardware store. Great news! We’ve uncovered how to speed up the color selection process, saving you time and energy. That’s why, before you select your paint colors, we recommend answering these 3 simple questions. 

So put down that paint brush and let’s get started!

Answer the questions below starting with question one. Move on to the next question when or if needed.

That’s it. By answering these questions you will narrow down your paint color options by half.


Am I looking to sell my home within the next 3 years?


Go with neutral shades throughout. They tend to have a higher resell value.
Move to question 2.


Does my space get plenty of natural sunlight?


Get creative! Just remember sometimes loud colors can be visually imposing.
Go with neutral shades throughout. This allows a home to look spacious and bright.


Are the rooms on the smaller side or large and open?


They're small!
Go with neutral tones Your space will look larger and brighter.
They're large!
If there is plenty of light, go with any color you like. No sunlight? Go with your gut.

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