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Having access to a shared rooftop deck is an amazing perk to enjoy during the Chicago summers. We don’t want you to be shy about using the shared space just because you’re uncertain of the etiquette.  Below are a few bits of advice from our experience in navigating how to be a good neighbor when utilized a shared rooftop deck.

Read the Rules

We know that the HOA rules and regulations can be a dull read sometimes. However, you need to review the portions about the shared space. There may be restrictions on times, guests, usage, etc. Sometimes, it may be necessary to reserve the space ahead of time if you’re planning on having a larger gathering.

Leave No Trace

In order to stay in the good graces of your neighbors, property managers, association, etc., you’ll want to do a full clean up after usage. In fact, going the extra mile and cleaning up any random debris will ensure that you’re being an awesome neighbor. Put any moved furniture back the way you found it, take our the shared garbage/recycling containers. If there is a shared grill, make sure that you clean it out once it’s cooled off.

Don’t Pump the Jams

We all know summertime is best enjoyed when accompanied by your favorite soundtrack. However, when sharing space with neighbors, you’ll want to keep your volume to a conversational level.  During the day on the weekends, you can let loose a little more than you would when people are sleeping.

Following these tips will guarantee good neighbor relations. If you really wanted to take it up a notch, you could offer to host a rooftop party for your neighbors.  Everyone enjoys a good cookout and what better way to build up your goodwill with your neighbors than hosting the first cookout of the summer.



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