Home    Vacation: How to prepare your home for when you’re gone.

You’ve been dreaming of going on vacation all through the bleak, grey winter months. You’re so close to being able to take that deep breath of relaxation, perhaps even rest your toes in the sand. Before you go though, you’ll want to make sure that your home is prepared to handle your long absence.

Vacation: Prepping Your Home

Unless you really enjoy weird odors, you’ll want to clean out your fridge before you go. Anything with a questionable expiration date should be tossed.  Now that your fridge is emptier, this is the perfect opportunity to wipe away all those small spills that have accumulated.

You’ll want to tackle any lingering dirty laundry before you leave too. Damp and dirty laundry harbors all sorts of bad smells that will just amplify in your absence. Don’t forget to grab any dirty washcloths and kitchen towels too!

If you’re going on vacation for more than just a weekend, it may be worth having the post office hold your mail. All you have to do is go to their site and plug in your information. This will keep your mail and newspapers from piling up and alerting anyone of your absence.

You don’t want to waste resources while you’re gone, so be sure to adjust your thermostat. Newer thermostats including smart ones, have an away feature that can control the temperature while you’re away. In the summer, you’ll want the temperature raised so you’re not spending extra money cooling an empty house.

Last, but not least, make sure that your landscaping will be maintained in your absence. A couple of days of rain can create an eyesore and a possible ticket from the city if your grass becomes too overgrown.

By completing these few, simple tasks, you’re ensuring that you’ll come home to a clean home.  This will allow you to maintain those relaxing vibes beyond when your vacation ends.



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